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Power Electronics Lab 

Power Electronics emerges as a pivotal technology with the potential to enhance the effectiveness and dependability of electric systems. Its significance becomes particularly noticeable in the context of integrating renewable energy into the electrical grid, in the domain of electromobility – both charging systems and powertrains -, and industrial applications, among others.

Within the Power Electronics Lab, comprehensive testing resources are available for the purpose of characterising, devising, assembling, and assessing power electronic converters and magnetic components. Similarly, the lab facilitates the evaluation and examination of power semiconductor components. Our state-of-the-art inventory includes equipment such as power-hardware-in-the-loop apparatus for real-time simulations, programmable high-capacity AC and DC power supplies and loads, high-frequency measurement tools, precision power analysers for meticulous efficiency assessments, a swift prototyping platform, thermal imaging cameras, 3D printers, and PCB manufacturing equipment.

Furthermore, our laboratory leverages artificial intelligence-based tools designed to boost and optimise the design process for power components and converters through automated design methodologies.

Target audiences

Who is this lab interesting for?

  • Developers of power semiconductors
  • Developers of transformers, inductors, heat sinks
  • Developers of converters
  • System operators
  • Industrial players in the power industry

What can you use the lab for?

  • Expertise in power electronic converter hardware, control, and system-level interactions
  • Development of new, customer-specific power electronic converters
  • Testing of power electronic converters
  • Interoperability in power electronic converter systems
  • Efficiency characterisation of power electronic converters
  • Characterisation and modelling of power semiconductor components
  • Rapid converter prototyping environment available with fully customisable control schemes
  • Efficiency measurements

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