Thematic workshop Circularity & sustainable Energy solutions


On Wednesday 27th of March 2024, EnergyVille, together with Agoria-Sirris organizes a thematic workshop on the themes circularity and sustainable energy solutions.

A unique opportunity to

• discover the industry’s circular energy challenges and opportunities.
• dive into the design, business and operational state-of-the-art of renewable AND circular energy solutions.
• learn about the expected further developments around circularity with industry experts and key knowledge

This event will bring you fully up-to-date on

1. current and future circularity legislation, directives & industry needs.
2. circularity-linked material choices, design thinking and operational enablers.
3. inspirational business models and industrial cases.
4. potential future key value chain partners for your next steps.


  • 12:30 – 13:00: Registration & sandwiches
  • 13:00 – 14:20: Setting the scene: The impact of circularity on energy solutions and its potential implications for the future (moderated by EnergyVille)
    • Repairability, digital product passports and ease of disassembly
      by Jef Peeters, Assistant Professor at KU Leuven / Flanders Make
      Jef is responsible for the Re- & Demanufacturing Lab @ KU Leuven and is member of Flanders Make where his team works in close collaboration with industry on high-tech approaches for reuse, repair, remanufacturing and recycling. Jef will share some specific results of the research addressing the robotic disassembly for remanufacturing and recycling of batteries from end-of-(first)-life electronics and vehicles. Moreover, he will touch upon the recent, introduction of a repairability index, and recent developments on digital product passports.
    • Product & process sustainability: Legislative aspects
      by Patrick van den Bossche, Head Environment / Materials Technology at Agoria
      As Agoria’s strategic advisor for the Green transition, Patrick is well-placed to talk about the industrial implications of the Critical Raw Materials Act, the new European law dictating 15 per cent of strategic and critical raw materials to be recycled. Next, Patrick will dive into the VLAIO Industrie Partnerschap on circular economy and the opportunities created by Europe’s Net Zero Industry Act.
    • Why CCU is more than hiding CO2 for a while
      by Jan Mertens, Chief Science Officer at ENGIE & Visiting professor at Ghent University
      Jan will talk about the pathways that are key to success in the energy transition and what role molecules will play in this. Some myths and facts about Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) will be thoroughly discussed highlighting the potential and challenges of different technologies. Materials will play a crucial role in this energy transition and some solutions will be presented that can help mitigate this material supply chain risk.
    • Remanufacturing as a lever for value creation in a circular manufacturing industry
      by Stefan Milis, Project Leader Circular Economy at Sirris
      Stefan’s vocation is sustainability, as an important challenge for the products and services of tomorrow. He’ll talk about how to implement circular
      innovation in your organisation, and how to make your product, factory and business futureproof. Focus of his contribution will be on how also your
      company can reap interesting benefits from extending the lifespan of your products.
  • 14:30 – 15:20: Round table sessions
  • 15:20 – 15:45: Refreshment Break
  • 15:45 – 16:30: Panel Discussion: circularity aspects of battery storage systems
    (moderated by Agoria)

    • Catherine Lenaerts, Managing Director Febelauto & Deputy CEO Watt4Ever
      Febelauto is the monitoring organism for end-of-life vehicles and batteries of electric and hybrid vehicles in Belgium and Luxembourg. Watt4Ever builds new, green, and high added-value industrial storage systems using batteries coming from used electric vehicle batteries. Next to talking about setting up and managing networks between private companies and authorities in recycling matters, Catherine will also share ways to re-think processes in a ‘circular economy’ way.
    • Maxime Snick, CEO & co-founder Octave Energy
      Maxime will share practical insights around sustainable, cost-effective and reliable energy storage systems with second-life batteries. He will talk about Octave’s latest double bayed cabinets offering extended energy storage capacity, and making swapping a battery module a piece of cake! Their design ensures hassle-free maintenance and contributes to the longevity of second-life battery energy storage systems.
    • Steven Meersman, Founder Director at Zenobe Energy
      Zenobē, an EV fleet and grid-scale battery storage specialist, works with fleet operators to accelerate their switch to electric vehicles by offering a full
      range of (software) engineering, financial and other services. Steven is one of the founders. The company has over the past 6 years increased its staff from three to over 240 full time employees.
    • Jean-Marc Timmermans, Sr Business Group Leader at Agoria & Project Leader Re2LiVe Project
      Together with colleagues, partners and member companies, Jean-Marc has extensive experience in helping companies with their transitions towards a more mobile society and a climate positive energy system. Next to the latest evolutions on battery technologies and trainings, he will also share the
      results of the Re2LiVe project, addressing the Recycling and Remanufacturing of Li-ion batteries from end of life electric vehicles.
  • 16:40 – 17:30: Round table sessions

  • 17:35 – 18:15: Panel Discussion: circularity aspects of BIPV (moderated by Annelies Gorissen – POM Limburg)
    • Jens Moschner, research manager at EnergyVille/KU Leuven
      Jens brings more than 20 years of expertise in Photovoltaics, from fundamental physics to industrial implementation and reliability. Having recently
      developed (together with UGent) a model of a BIPV system that encompasses the entire system from sunlight to grid connection, Jens will share the
      specifics applied around lifetime effects.
    • Michaël Daenen, professor & team leader at EnergyVille/UHasselt
      Michaël currently works on reliability modeling and design of PV power electronics systems for long term reliability. He will enlighten us on some key
      aspects in the fabrication of custom-sized semi-transparent thin film modules for BIPV application.
    • Bas van de Kreeke, CEO at Soltech
      Leading the Thor Park-based manufacturer of customized photovoltaic modules Soltech, Bas will talk about how circular thinking is embedded inside his organisation. He will share with you some recent Soltech LCA study results and will ask for 1st feedback on resulting plans & action paths.
  • 18:15 – 19:00: Closing Remarks & Acknowledgements


  • Language
    This event will take place in Dutch – some presenters will use English.
  • Date
    Wednesday, March 27th, 2024 – 12:30 – 19:00
  • Venue
    Thor Central, Thor Park, André Dumontlaan 67, 3600 Genk
  • Price
    Free of charge (a no show fee of € 115 applies).

Join us for this enlightening afternoon into the future of renewable energy & circularity, understanding the technologies, the strategies, and the monumental potential they hold. Register now and be part of the energy revolution!


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