A Ministerial Visit to EnergyVille


On February 9, EnergyVille had the honor of hosting a delegation of 31 European ministers at Thor Park, as part of the Informal Competitiveness Council during the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. This exclusive gathering provided a dynamic platform for discussions and knowledge exchange, focused on collaborative energy solutions that will shape Europe’s sustainable future.

Innovation Unveiled

EnergyVille, in partnership with KU Leuven, VITO, imec, and UHasselt, proudly showcased its state-of-the-art lab facilities and ongoing projects. The tour included presentations on innovative research and technological advancements in the energy sector, providing European ministers with a firsthand look at the innovations driving the future of energy.

Balancing Openness and Autonomy

During their visit, ministers emphasized the delicate balance required between an open European economy and the need for strategic autonomy. Conversations with EnergyVille experts underlined the importance of innovation, reaching a consensus on sustainable and lasting investments to propel European industries forward.


Looking Beyond Immediate Challenges

Beyond the immediate challenges posed by geopolitical shifts and demanding climate goals, the dialogues delved into the need for a comprehensive framework for European industrial policy. In particular, a framework that acknowledges and respects the unique characteristics of each member state.


Contributions to European Industrial Policy

As the Belgian Presidency nears its conclusion, insights, including the ones gained from the EnergyVille visit, will be considered in the drafting of Council conclusions. Set to be presented on May 24, these conclusions will serve as recommendations for future European industrial policy.

We appreciate the opportunity to have shared our work with European ministers and look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts to address the evolving challenges in the energy sector.


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