Reliability, Recycling, and Reuse of PV Modules

and material analysis tools (e.g., optical and electron microscopy, cross-section preparation tool, adhesion tester). The combination of these extensive characterization capabilities and insights from our experts enables us to understand the causes of reduced module performance and devise roadmaps to enhance their performance.

Reliability, Recycling, and Reuse of PV Modules

To reduce the average cost of electricity, limiting wear and tear on PV modules is just as important as improving efficiency. Designing for higher reliability forms the basis of our various research activities. At EnergyVille, we conduct in-depth reliability research on materials and technologies for next-generation PV modules. While we can apply standard test methods, we go beyond by establishing new test procedures and contributing to the development of new standards.

We design targeted reliability studies to investigate the weaknesses of materials or technologies. By combining opto-electrical characterization with destructive material analyses, we can uncover underlying flaws.

  • Within EnergyVille, we have various climate chambers for accelerated reliability tests such as thermal cycles, humidity, and damp heat tests. These tests can also be combined with UV exposure.
  • For the aesthetics of a PV module, color stability is important. At EnergyVille, we have equipment and expertise to determine color stability and differences across a module and between different modules.
  • We have extensive experience in conducting and analyzing various degradation mechanisms such as PID (potential-induced degradation), LID (light-induced degradation), LeTID (light and elevated temperature degradation), and more.

The reliability of PV modules plays a crucial role in reducing the ecological footprint of solar energy. In our research, we emphasize customized technology designs and the right material selection to enhance recycling and eliminate toxic materials. By extending the operational lifespan of PV modules and encouraging their repair or reuse, we aim to further reduce the environmental impact of solar panels.

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