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Metrology, Simulation, and Prediction of PV Energy Yield

In solar energy, achieving optimal energy yield is crucial. The energy performance of PV modules is typically measured indoors under standardized test conditions. However, real-world conditions can significantly differ from these standardized conditions. To bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor performance and determine the optimal efficiency for panels in a specific situation, EnergyVille has developed both indoor and outdoor test facilities. We employ a precise simulation model for energy yield. Our metrology techniques provide highly accurate energy measurements, which, coupled with meteorological parameters and advanced data analysis, allow for precise interpretation of causes and effects.

Our energy yield simulation model is scenario-based, enabling accurate predictions of daily energy yield from solar cells and panels under changing meteorological and light conditions, using available historical weather data. This model integrates optical, thermal, and electrical parameters to provide detailed insights into thermal variations in the solar module. It accounts for these variations, resulting in significantly greater accuracy than commercially available software packages typically offer for estimating energy yield. The simulation model is well-suited for determining the energy yield performance of new types of PV technology (e.g., Bifacial PV installations) and in special conditions (e.g., Floating PV, agri-PV, in BIPV, on trackers, on uneven terrain, …).

Additionally, we are developing a model environment for the integration of PV into building facades, considering thermal and electrical performance and mutual influences. We conduct simulations of the highly variable PV yield in combination with battery storage and load management, also considering grid conditions. This enables us to optimize system configurations for various applications, aiming to achieve a high level of self-sufficiency and self-consumption. This connects research in PV generation with the development of battery systems, energy management, and grid integration.

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