TECH4WIN – Disruptive sustainable technologies for next generation pv windows

ProjectSolar Energy

This project works on the development of photovoltaic windows, i.e. transparent and economically viable photovoltaic solar cells for integration in building applications. Our approach is a tandem structure combining an inorganic UV selective top cell with an organic IR selective bottom cell. Hence the top cell also serves as a UV filter to protect the bottom cell.

Tech4win proposes a very innovative transparent photovoltaic (PV) window concept that is based on the adoption of a tandem inspired structure combining an inorganic UV selective multifunctional coating (including UV filtering and UV selective PV functionalities), with an organic IR selective PV device. This will allow fully exploiting the IR efficiency and transparency potential of organic based solutions together with the robustness and stability of inorganic thin film concepts, combining sustainable and industrial compatible technologies with demonstrated potential for cost reduction, and avoiding the use of critical raw materials to ensure sustainable mass deployment. This “tandem inspired structure” will be able to generate on-site renewable energy (PCE ≥ 10%, with a long term goal ≥ 12%) guaranteeing a high-transparency degree (AVT ≥ 60% with a long term goal ≥ 70%, and CRI ≥ 70) and all by a competitive manufacturing costs. This novelty lies precisely in the capacity to protect the most active PV layer (IR selective organic solar cell) through the filtering of UV radiation, extending the lifetime of the PV hybrid device to ≥ 10 years (with a long term goal ≥ 25 years).

To fulfil these objectives, a very well balanced multi-sectorial consortium comprising reference Research Centers in the different PV technologies involved in the window concept, together with high-tech European Companies from different sectors including relevant stakeholders involved in the value chain (Organic materials, Industrial Equipment developers, PV module producers and BIPV system manufacturers). This scenario constitutes an excellent business opportunity to satisfy the growing BIPV market to commercialize a unique cost-effective solar window solution, fully feasible as an active product capable to reach a challenging combination of efficiency, transparency and lifetime, with the design of a “Tech4Win” roadmap to place on the market a robust solar window in approximately 10 years.

EnergyVille's contribution

Development and characterization of thin film wide band gap materials and solar cells. Materials: ZnSe (2.7 eV), CuAl(S,Se)2 (2.5-3.5 eV), Cu2SiS3 (2.6 eV) and Cu2ZnSi(S,Se)4 (2.4-3 eV).

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