Demo-BLog – Development and Demonstration of Digital Building Logbooks

ProjectBuildings & districts

Digitalization and data driven services in the construction sector are necessary to improve overall sustainability of the built environment and meet our climate goals. The digital logbook for buildings will be a harmonized approach to aggregate all relevant data on buildings to allow authorized to access these data and develop services on it, safeguarding privacy for the building owner (SOLID approach). In the project we will develop IP / digital algorithms based on digital logbook concept to enhance sustainable buildings on different aspects and aimed at different target groups of public and private stakeholders.

About Demo-BLog

Demo-BLog will demonstrate capturing, integrating and storing building data, as well as converting this data into actionable information for relevant stakeholders across the construction market value chain. The current construction market, more specifically the renovation market, is traditionally fragmented and lacks a clustered approach, which is crucial to enable a sustainable built environment and to achieve the renovation wave. Local energy transition initiatives, driven by governments, (social) housing associations or energy communities need proper tools to develop neighbourhood-based approaches to integrate renewable and digital solutions and create zero-energy districts, where consumers become prosumers selling energy to the grid. Efficient use of new and existing data sources effectively managed and accessed via DBLs, can improve resources efficiency, adequate planning and well targeted incentives, etc., to benefit local governments, construction sector, financing institutions, homeowners and tenants. Demo-BLog brings together 5 front-runner DBLs with a wide variety of target groups, demonstrating 4 key functionalities addressing societal challenges:

  1. User-centric automated renovation advice;
  2. Decarbonisation roadmaps at building level;
  3. Platform for community driven decarbonisation projects;
  4. Multi-cycle circularity approaches, fostering a marketplace for construction materials reuse.

EnergyVille / VITO contribution

EnergyVille/VITO activities include:

  1. The development of KPIs for circularity on different levels (material, component, building);
  2. Define evaluation criteria to test benefits of using circularity functionality at DBL level;
  3. Exploring data acquisition, handling and digitalization of materials and building components, covering their life cycle impacts and multi-cycle circularity potentials;
  4. Executing circular environmental impact assessments as an evaluation criterion;
  5. Strengthen expertise and knowledge on the decarbonisation of the built environment from a community driven approach;
  6. Develop the policy and business exploitation potential of the concept of the Digital Building Logbook;
  7. Develop and test a toolchain in which public data in the digital logbook (e.g. EPC data) is combined with private external data (e.g. actual energy consumption profiles). SOLID data pods will be deployed for secure data management. Existing VITO tools (notably EBECS) will be part of this toolchain, as trusted external tool to enhance the data quality and provide tailor made renovation advice.

Co-Creation workshop for Architects

Architects are essential stakeholders in the development of future solutions that consider circularity in the construction sector. That is why we are organizing this inspiring Co-Creation workshop especially for them, cordially inviting them to participate.

Are you an architect?

Then join us on October 5, 2023 at Hoek 38 in Brussels for our Co-Creation workshop for Architects: Reusing Building Materials & Components.

Michiel Ritzen

Senior expert circularity sustainable built environment

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