Trefdag Vlaanderen Digitaal 2024


Trefdag Vlaanderen Digitaal 2024 will take place on Thursday, October 24th at Flanders Expo Ghent. This is the premier community event in Flanders for anyone interested in digital transformation.

The program features an engaging live show, inspiring break-out sessions, and an extensive exhibition floor. Of course, there will be plenty of time to network with 3000 other attendees.

So mark October 24th on your calendar.
Registration opens in September.


Trefdag Vlaanderen Digitaal 2024: responsible digitization

Digitalization lies at the heart of our society, our businesses, and our governments. Through advancements in technologies such as artificial intelligence, we are witnessing an unprecedented acceleration in how technology is transforming our lives and society, and how it has the potential to improve them. However, this potential can only be realized if we deploy these technologies thoughtfully and responsibly. It’s time to make the digital world more human.

Trefdag Vlaanderen Digitaal 2024 focuses on sustainable, reliable, and inclusive technology. How can we design the society and government of tomorrow to continue improving the lives of Flemish people and society as a whole? With better services, forward-thinking policies, our smart cities, reduced dependencies, and more.

Connecting the dots, for a responsible digital transformation. That’s what Trefdag Vlaanderen Digitaal 2024 is all about. Together, we make a difference.

Visit EnergyVille at Trefdag Vlaanderen Digitaal

Add yourself to the growing group of enthusiasts visiting EnergyVille at Trefdag Vlaanderen Digitaal! Discover our groundbreaking innovations in sustainable energy and learn how we are shaping the future of energy together.


Please note that this event is exclusively conducted in Dutch.

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