Network of Regional Energy Transition Labs (NoREST) – Co-Creation Workshop


On 25 & 26 June, representatives of funding agencies and pioneer living labs from across Europe will meet at Thor Central to mark the launch of the newly established “Network of Regional Energy Transition Labs” (NoREST) initiative!


This initiative is started by the EU co-funded RDTI funding programmes ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems and the CETPartnership Transition Initiative 5 “Integrated Regional Energy Systems”.

The goal is to establish a transnational collaboration network of Regional Energy System Transition Labs. As there is often a lack of need owner involvement in the current RDTI environment, these Energy System Transition Labs should bring together need owners organised in regional initiatives interested in developing tailored solutions. As a result of the initiative, it is expected that new types of RDTI projects will emerge that put user needs at the centre.

The key starting point of NoREST is to build on a group of already established regional initiatives that are close to these envisaged Energy System Transition Labs (the “Pioneers“) – such as EnergyVille. However, the network should also inspire and support further initiatives to grow across Europe, considered as “Fellows“. As a first step, these pioneers will come together with funding agency representatives at the co-creation workshop.

You can read more about the NoREST initiative and how you can get involved here.

What to expect at the co-creation workshop?

This highly interactive format brings together participants from funding agencies and pioneering living labs to openly share experiences and ideas, fostering innovation and collaboration. Expert facilitation will support creative brainstorming with peers to co-create a vision for the new initiative going forward. Let’s come together, be inspired and create something extraordinary together! You can find the agenda for the two days here. If you are a pioneer living lab, then this is your chance to generate new perspectives and identify future business opportunities at European level!

Are you interested in joining the co-creation workshop? Then contact to receive more information and to register!


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