EDIH-EBE & AGORIA: Your digital steps ahead in your energy services


Find out more about sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems on February 29th.

In addition to a Keynote about Energy Sharing, you will also have the opportunity to look behind-the-scenes at ETAP.

ETAP develops energy-efficient, convenient and innovative lighting solutions.


  • 13u00          Registration
  • 13u30          Intro & Goals
  • 13u45          Keynote Energy Sharing
  • 14u15          Presentation ETAP
  • 14u35          Break
  • 14u45          Behind-the-scenes at ETAP
  • 15u30          Presentation EDIH-EBE, Energy in the Build Environment
  • 16u00          Q&A
  • 16u15          Networking
  • 17u30          End

How can you get started with these insights yourself?

During the event, you will also receive more explanation about what EDIH-EBE can mean for your company. We provide insight into the support (expert panels and/or proof of concept demos) that we can offer you, with examples from practice, tips, and the added value it can bring to your company.

Furthermore, we illustrate with some examples how from EDIH-EBE, we offer both expertise and test infrastructure to help answer your questions about the use of technologies such as IoT, edge vs cloud, AI, etc.

This is to realize new applications that result in savings in energy consumption and/or cost, but also can generate additional comfort, facilitate system maintenance, etc. Additionally, we explain how such new services can be tested in realistic conditions, possibly with real end-users.

Practical details

  • Where:   ETAP – Antwerpsesteenweg 130, 2390 Malle
  • When:    February 29, 2024 – from 13:00 to 17:30

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