EnergyVille welcomes hundreds of visitors for the Day of Science!


On November 27, a new Day of Science took place – an initiative of the Flemish government, and also the biggest science event in Flanders and Brussels. A day in which everyone takes part – from innovative companies, over universities and colleges, museums and hands-on centers, to observatories and research institutes – and which is entirely geared at satisfying the scientific appetite of the young and not-so-young through a whole range of fun and educational activities.

After two online editions, this Day of Science could take place in real-life again, and ended up attracting hundreds of visitors to EnergyVille, where – in a vibrant atmosphere – a unique look into the labs was given, and various lectures and workshops for young and old were provided. Even weatherman Frank Deboosere, who has been a sponsor of the Day of Science for years, was enthusiastic. Together with Angelique Van Ombergen of the European Space Agency ESA, the two of them paid EnergyVille a visit to get a unique insight into our research.

Science with a big 'S'

“Genk is overflowing with innovation,” says Mayor of the City of Genk Wim Dries. “You can experience that up close during the Day of Science. By taking a look behind the scenes, you will experience how the science of the future is developing at places like EnergyVille or the T2-campus.”

So, as it should be on the Day of Science, at EnergyVille, Thor Central and the T2 Campus – all part of Thor Park – a great program was worked out for young and old. For example, at EnergyVille you could take a unique tour of our labs, participate in various scientific experiments and demos, and you could even attend a workshop where you could make your own puzzle chip. At Thor Central– the main building of the former Waterschei mine site and one of the seven coal mines of the Kempen coal basin – the youngest among us could follow a children’s lecture in which EnergyVille / UHasselt / imec Professor Bart Vermang explained how energy is created, “A story of small and even smaller energy particles.”

General Manager of EnergyVille, Gerrit Jan Schaeffer, was also present, giving a fascinating talk on the energy system of the future:

“It has been clear for a long time: we will have to change energy – whether it’s the buildings we live and work in, the industries, our transportation or the electricity sector. A Day of Science provides a great platform to give everyone who is interested, a glimpse into the scientific innovations that are already in the loop today, and how we can tackle this energy transition in a way that is feasible for everyone.”

“Science is more topical than ever, and such a popular Day of Science only confirms that.” – Gerrit Jan Schaeffer, General Manager EnergyVille

Main sponsors of the Day of Science this year were weatherman Frank Deboosere and Angelique van Ombergen of the European Space Agency ESA. They too paid a visit to Genk’s Thor Park and visited EnergyVille in the afternoon, where they also took part in some activities.

Science is intertwined in all aspects of our lives” concludes mayor Wim Dries. “The Day of Science is the perfect way to introduce children, teens and adults to the endless possibilities. Of course, we want to have Genk in the front row there as well.”

So said. So delivered. Our EnergyVille Day of Science ‘popped’ again, just as we were asked to do!

Some great pictures

Curious to find out what that day exactly looked like, with all those fun and educational activities here at EnergyVille? Check out the following posts on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook for a whole bunch of great photos!

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