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13-15 March 2018

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  • EnergyVille provides input for reforming tariff schemes of periodic distribution grid tariffs 07.02.2018

    In the context of a future reform of the tariff structure, the VREG allocated a study on the revision of the tariff structure of the distribution grid tariffs to EnergyVille/VITO. The final report has recently been presented. The study concludes that for the classical meter customers a tariff structure based on connection capacity is preferable, while for customers with a digital meter there are several options. The data from this study provide input for the VREG for a reformed tariff structure.


  • EnergyVille calculates new scenarios for the energy mix after 2030 01.02.2018


    Greenpeace, BBL and IEW have asked EnergyVille to calculate several new scenarios to gain a better understanding of the composition and costs of our electricity system during and after the lifetime extension of 2 nuclear reactors. The scenarios demonstrate that with the extension of 2GW of nuclear power capacity between 2025 and 2035 the annual costs of the Belgian electricity system will be approximately 4% lower. However, after the final closure in 2035 costs will at a minimum reach the same level as under the scenario with closure in 2025. Gas prices play a more significant role in the annual costs and even with a nuclear extension gas-fired plants will be needed. 

  • Report Energy Balance Flanders 1990-2016 30.01.2018

    EnergyVille/VITO creates an energy balance every year on behalf of the Flemish Region. The report 'Energy Balance Flanders 1990-2016' charts the evolution of Flemish energy flows since 1990 and publishes the new energy figures for 2016.

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