• Number of heat pumps in Flanders doubles in 4 years time 08.09.2017

    Today 22,000 heat pumps provide heating in houses and buildings all over Flanders. This is the double of what was taken record of in 2013. However, to fulfill the renewable energy targets of 2020, the annual installation tempo should double once more. This can only be accomplished by means of an ambitious policy. 

  • Opiniestuk - Betaalbaarheid, betrouwbaarheid en duurzaamheid: een haalbare combinatie 30.08.2017

    De transitie naar een duurzaam, betaalbaar en betrouwbaar energiesysteem heeft een belangrijke maatschappelijke impact. Er is nood aan substantiële investeringen en daarom dienen de keuzes die gemaakt worden feitelijk en cijfermatig onderbouwd te worden. Enkel zo is een lange termijn energiepolitiek haalbaar en wordt er afgestapt van de huidige stop-and-go aanpak die de laatste 15 jaar op federaal vlak gekenmerkt heeft

  • Eandis, Infrax en EnergyVille zetten je woning op de kaart 12.06.2017

    Is het dak van jouw woning al geïsoleerd? Denk je aan zonnepanelen? Verbruik je meer of minder energie dan een gelijkaardig gezin in een gelijkaardige woning? Om een antwoord te krijgen op deze vragen lanceren Eandis, Infrax en EnergyVille en  Je vult er een korte vragenlijst in over je woning en ontdekt in vier eenvoudige stappen of jouw verbruik lager of hoger ligt dan het gemiddelde. Bovendien biedt de tool ook handige tips en tricks om kosten en energie te besparen en krijg je meer informatie over de specifieke BENOvatiemaatregelen die de staat van jouw woning kunnen verbeteren. Het databeheer gebeurt via de City Portal applicatie van EnergyVille.

  • EnergyVille @ Intersolar 2017 02.06.2017

    From 31 May till 2 June 2017, Europe's world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners, Intersolar, was organised again in Munich. The fair is annually held and primarily focuses on PV. Other topics that were addressed are: storage, renewable thermal energy and smart energy solutions and market models. More than 1.100 oganisations, including EnergyVille, from 51 countries presented their services and products to the public. The conference welcomed around 40,000 visitors from 160 countries which all descended on the International Congress Center in Munich.

  • Researcher Jef Beerten nominated for the New Scientist Science Talent award 24.05.2017

    The science magazine New Scientist will for the third time award a prize this year for the largest scientific talent of the Netherlands and Flanders: the New Scientist Science Talent 2017. This award was launched last year to bring groundbreaking research by young scientists from Belgium and the Netherlands to the attention of a wide audience.

  • Business Day 23.05.2017

    On the 23rd of May 2017 the third annual Business Day was held at EnergyVille. It turned out to be a very successful edition with more than 140 participants following the sessions of GeoWatt, SolSThore, Smart Cities and SmarThor.

    The purpose of the Business Day was to open up our research for the industry and exchange valuable insights into our current and future developments. 

    For the first time the possibility was also given to schedule a private meeting with one of our experts and discuss opportunities which will help our industry to develop and produce the most advanced technology at all times.

    In case you haven’t been able to join us on the Business Day, don't worry. The full programme and the  presentations of all the individual sessions can be found below.

  • Northern Limburg municipalities choose geothermal energy 19.05.2017

    18 May 2017 - Today, the Northern Limburg mayors (1) and representatives of VITO, INFRAX, NUHMA, EnergyVille and POM Limburg gathered at the House of the City in Lommel, Belgium to launch a task force that maps the potential of geothermal energy and its exploitation for the region. Research shows that the potential for deep geothermal energy (2) is certainly present. There are aquifers (or water-bearing layers) in the region that can be used for heating purposes. The temperature in the deepest water-bearing layer appears to rise to more than 150°C, which is enough to be able to produce electricity in addition to heat.

  • Together4Energy project to engage social and energy actors in the creation of an innovative European network of Vulnerable Consumers Energy Advisors 17.05.2017

    EnergyVille, in partnership with 10 other organisations from 6 European countries (Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium and Finland) and one European association, has begun working on the three-year project "Together4Energy, Networking and Action to Tackle Vulnerability Together", designed to fight fuel poverty in Europe. This project, funded by the European Commission under the H2020 program, will address both energy and social issues, as fuel poverty is not only an energy concern nor can it be tackled in isolation of the bigger issue of poverty.

  • Flux50 helps the Flemish smart energy industry realize commercial breakthroughs 10.05.2017

    A new name and European encouragement for the Flemish Energy Cluster 

    Brussels, May 10, 2017 – Today, the Flemish Energy Cluster reveals its new name in the presence of Flemish Minister Philippe Muyters, at a launch event hosted by Proximus. Flux50 helps Flemish companies from the energy, ICT and building sector to realize commercial breakthroughs in the transition to a sustainable energy system. To this end, living lab projects are being set up in five ‘innovator zones’.

  • Your home on the map! 14.04.2017

    The city of Genk and EnergyVille are launching the website With this initiative, they join forces and take the next step in digital data management which will help shape the city’s future energy and housing policy. Are you an inhabitant or a home owner in Genk? Then fill out a short questionnaire about your home and your retrofit interests. The website will subsequently offer feedback on your energy consumption compared to that of similar households. Furthermore, it will also provide tips and tricks to save money, save energy and improve your level of comfort. The data management tool is based on the EnergyVille City Portal application.

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