EnergyVille and T2 campus ignite an appetite for learning in Genk


EnergyVille is collaborating with T2-campus and its core partners SyntraPXL, VDAB, and EducaThor (City of Genk) on an innovative project to stimulate learning enthusiasm in several Genk neighbourhoods. Together with KRC Genk, Stebo, and Agoria/Sirris, we focus on enthusing residents of Nieuw Texas and Waterschei to learn about ‘energy’ and ‘technology’ in an informal way. In doing so, we are building an important bridge between education, knowledge centres and the wider Genk community.

Focus on life-long learning

This new initiative responds to the need to permanently inspire Genk people about lifelong learning. The project is part of a larger initiative by Europe WSE, which encourages organisations to build a ‘learning ecosystem’ together. Ruben Camps, Manager of Strategic Projects for T2-campus, explains: “To achieve the shift towards technology, innovation and energy goals, there is a great need for trained talent in the tight labour market. The development of our learning ecosystem contributes to this by offering a low-threshold insight into technology and energy from the daily lives of residents around Thor Park. In this way, we strengthen interest, talent and the desire to learn around these topics.”

Powerful collaboration

EnergyVille, together with other T2-campus partners, plays a crucial role in achieving the project goals. Stebo and KRC Genk are also essential for the roll-out of the learning ecosystem. Erik Gerits, General Director at KRC Genk, is looking forward to the collaboration: “We are convinced that through this project we can strengthen our social commitment within the Genk community. This powerful collaboration between partners, each with their own expertise, promises to have a particularly positive impact on the local community.”

Future-oriented actions

In the coming months, the various organisations involved will make further preparations and start the first experiments in New Texas and Waterschei. In case of a positive evaluation by Europe WSE, the organisations are committed to also jointly contribute to the further development of a powerful learning ecosystem in Genk and its surroundings in the coming years. EnergyVille looks forward to playing an active role in this project, contributing to an informed and inspired community.

For more information of questions contact:
Jo Leurs or Liesbeth Jamers

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