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The coming years will be characterized by electrification of heating, transport, industrial tools, further improvement of energy efficiency of all kinds of systems, a further increase of renewable energy sources and changing behavior patterns of consumers. This evolution creates a number of technical challenges and will be accompanied by an expontential increase in the application of power electronics and puts pressure on existing components of the power system. To work on these challenges, innovative concepts that can simplify the use and integration of electric storage systems, have to be figured out. These concepts should be tested in realistic conditions, and the required power electronics and electrical components and subsystems should be designed. If you want, together with VITO/Energyville, to put effort into the previous projects, you are our new colleague!

  • Through your excellent knowledge in the field of power electronics (including control and applications), you will shape and elaborate research projects in the field of ‘power equality’, AC/DC and DC/DC converters, distributed control, electric storage etc.
  • Within these domains, you follow the technologies and trends, expand your knowledge, and detect opportunities to our revenue in both the short and the long term (IPR cooperation, industry, …)
  • You are responsible for discovering and understanding the problems of the client and its rapid and relevant analysis: the inventing, designing, developing, testing and benchmarking of innovative prototypes (using programmable transducers) of power-electronic or electrotechnical components and subsystems that will form an essential part of the solution.
  • You report, both internally and externally, to our customers.
  • You take care of the adequate protection for your inventions through patent applications and licensable designs. After the protection is assured, you present the results at internatonial forums.
  • You will find your passion both in working on creative solutions within a project team as in driving such a team and in the guidance of PhD students.


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