InnoEnergy’s Inpath-TES WP3 Leader

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InnoEnergy is recruiting a new team member to join, as Work Package Leader, the team developing a PhD program combining thermal energy storage and entrepreneurship under the EU initiative “The Human Factor in Sustainable Energy”. The project is called Inpath-TES (

InnoEnergy’s contributions to the project are related to implementing a new way of teaching, digital learning and managing the program’s content development across 20+ partners.

Your role

You will be InnoEnergy’s Work Package 3 Leader and responsible for:

  • Driving and supporting the development of educational content across the consortium, in a collaborative approach;
  • Planning and executing the quality control mechanism.


In addition, you will

  • Contribute to the alignment and coherence of the educational content;
  • Assist the rest of the project’s partners on the application of InnoEnergy’s pedagogical methodology, as well as with aspects related to the digital learning environment.



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