Benelux Business Creation Manager (Belgium)

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The Business Creation Manager will be in charge of daily management and support of the companies under the different Business Creation Services programs.

Key tasks include:

  • Scouting and screening of new business ideas/opportunities
  • Contribute to the opportunity assessment for selected business opportunities
  • Support the development of a strategy and project plan of the selected ventures/companies
  • Management of the delivery of services for the companies supported under for key dimensions: Technology development, market development, team development and access to finance/investors
  • Follow up the progress of supported ventures and proposing development actions for their success (e.g. Review companies’ business model, support in their Business Plan development, etc..)
  • Identify and match crucial technology and/or commercial partners with the ventures/companies
  • Internal reporting on local internal metrics established for Business Creation Benelux
  • General project management of the business creation projects



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