EnergyVille wins Febeliec Energy Award 2017


30 January 2018 - Today EnergyVille has won the Febeliec Energy Award for their joint work on low voltage DC grids. 

Although electrical power networks in buildings and districts have been for about a century equipped with AC technology at 50 or 60 Hz, the energy transition is putting into question whether that is still the right choice. The transition to decentralized production, energy-efficient technologies and the electrification in heating and transportation all contribute to the question whether the current “lock-in” of AC technology for building technologies is still justified. 

Therefore, EnergyVille decided to set up a representative building-level “DC nanogrid” (as opposed to the wide area microgrids) in its facilities on the Thor Campus in Genk (i.c. the Home Lab in EnergyVille I); a unique living lab and the first building-level DC power system of the country. In 2018, further expansions on the campus will be activated, including a connection between separate buildings over public domain. 

​With the award Febeliec wants to support innovative projects in the Belgian energy field. Among the other finalists were the project Garpur and leading smart-grid solution provider ​N-SIDE.