EnergyVille @ Intersolar 2017


From 31 May till 2 June 2017, Europe's world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners, Intersolar, was organised again in Munich. The fair is annually held and primarily focuses on PV. Other topics that were addressed are: storage, renewable thermal energy and smart energy solutions and market models. More than 1.100 oganisations, including EnergyVille, from 51 countries presented their services and products to the public. The conference welcomed around 40,000 visitors from 160 countries which all descended on the International Congress Center in Munich.

The international PV market is booming. That much is clear. Intersolar therefore is an important meeting platform for experts from both the industry, businesses and research. This year's exhibition primarily focused on the challenges of an efficient, safe and cost-effective integration of renewable energies to new business models that result from the energy industry of the future. Other highlights include new financing and business models for photovoltaics (PV), large-scale PV power plants and the operation and maintenance of PV installations. Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers and partners of the solar industry got the opportunity to brainstorm together on these matter and further elaborate on new collaboration possibilities.

EnergyVille couldn't miss out. Together with imec, EnergyVille occupied a booth and presented its research on PV, storage, smart energy solutions, electric networks and thermal systems. Special attention was given to EnergyVille's research on Building Integrated PV (BIPV), smart energy solutions and tools for electrical storage such as the Battery Management System. Furthermore, imec, also introduced during intersolar its simulation software that accurately predicts the daily energy yield of solar cells and solar modules under varying meteorological and irradiation conditions.

Intersolar demonstrated to be an interesting platform for collaboration on the energy of the future between both industry, businesses and research. Collaboration is also set to continue at next year’s Intersolar. Intersolar will also be organised next year so feel free to add 20 till 22 June 2017 in your agendas and join us for next year’s Intersolar!

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Interested in the simulation software introduced by imec during intersolar? Then definitely have a look at the online press release.