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EnergyVille researches the economic, technological and behavioural aspects of the current and future energy ecosystem and advises stakeholders on the changes involved in the short and long term. 


Starting from our solid base of energy demand and supply monitoring, we provide energy efficiency and renewable energy policy evaluations and guidelines to local, regional and European policy makers. These policy makers, but also industrial key players, use our long-term energy system optimisation models (based on the TIMES modelling frameworkto calculate cost-efficient pathways towards an energy system based on renewables, taking into account existing and future climate targets and energy policies.

It is our goal to enable stakeholders in managing the electricity system in a cost-effective way, when large volumes of (distributed) renewable energy sources and flexible consumers are connected to the grid.  In the future, a vast array of information and communication technology, deployed at all levels of energy networks, will support the distributed smart control systems required for a stable and reliable energy supply. Continuous communication and efficient interworking between the various parties involved is essential to be successful.

We apply a holistic approach to interoperability by taking the technological aspects into account while at the same time examining the economic and societal dimensions.

Geert DeconinckGeert Deconinck, Professor Electrical Energy and Computer Architectures

'In the future we will consume energy very differently: thanks to the omnipresent apps and Internet connections, consumers can use electricity more efficiently and can participate fully in smart grids. The collected data can also lower the cost to society.'



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